The Constitution of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and Human Rights and Freedoms and the “Others”

Ustav_hercegovaco_neretvanskog_kantonaThis case study is the second publication in the field of technical analysis of the constitutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the third in Center for Political Studies’sedition (Not)constituent. It identifies the key issues of ethnic discrimination and politicalmarginalization of people who do not identify themselves as constituent peoples orremaining in the constitutional system of certain territorial-political units in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in this case the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, and and provides concrete suggestions and solutions for improvements.

Sarajevo: Association for Research and Poltical Studies – Centre for Political Studies.

Maja Sahadžić (2013)

PDF Version (B/C/S): The Constitution of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and Human Rights and Freedoms and the “Others”: On postulating (not) constituent (not) balance at the expense of “Others” and the constitutional perversion in the the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton.