Sarajevo open centre

Sarajevo Open Centre is an organisation dedicated to promoting full respect of human rights and decreasing the level of discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Sarajevo Open Centre is an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit organisation which empowers women and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) persons through community activities, promotes the human rights of women and LGBT persons, and advocates for improved legislation and policies in BiH institutions. Sarajevo Open Centre was founded in 2007 and we have been working intensively since 2011, when we opened our first office and established a team of permanent staff.


Advocating for the human rights of LGBT persons

We advocate for the implementation of current legal regulations protecting the human rights of LGBT persons as well as new legal instruments that will increase the level of protection of LGBT human rights on all institutional levels of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Promotion of the rights of LGBT persons through culture and media

We promote the values of protection of the human rights of LGBT persons in BiH society and contribute to decreasing the level of homo/bi/transphobia through the organisation of cultural and art events, publication of books on LGBT topics, and online with our internet portal,

Support for LGBT persons

We help empower LGBT persons by implementing supportive community-based activities related to their needs and rights through information sharing, counselling, education, and support for informal LGBT initiatives throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.




We work to raise awareness of the necessity of implementing ratified international documents and existing national regulations related to the participation of women in politics, security, and decision-making through monitoring, education, information-sharing and discussion with actors at all institutional levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina.