Program of European integration monitoring

Initiative for Monitoring BiH’ s European Integration is a group of nongovernmental organizations active in BiH and interested in the EU accession process. The initiative’s main goal is to effectively monitor the work of the government throughout its mandate and constantly inform the domestic and international public about all of the positive and negative developments in the integration process.

Initiative’s goals:

- Developing a transparent, professional, efficient, impartial and nonpartisan system for monitoring the European integration process, independent of the government and the European Union through the reports and recommendations

- Affects the creation of stable, accountable and democratic institutions of government that will optimally respond to all the challenges that stand in the way of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European integration process;

- Emphasize the need for strict and impartial evaluation of the progress of European integration and the willingness of the state to become a candidate for membership in the European Union

- Empowers and connects civil society organizations working on the promotion and protection of human rights and the promotion of EU integration at local and national level;

- Collects support as an open process and an invitation to join in the realization of the mission and goals of the Initiative

Members of the initiative:

  1. Center for Political Studies
  2. Human Rights Centre of the University of Sarajevo
  3. Sarajevo Open Centre
  4. Foundation CURE
  5. Alumni Association of the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies
  6. European Research Center
  7. Foreign Policy Initiative BiH
  8. UG Zašto Ne?
  9. Green Council
  10. Green Neretva
  11. Helsinski Citizens Assembly Banja Luka
  12. Centre for Socio-ecological Development (Banja Luka)
  13. PerpetuumMobile (Banja Luka)
  14. Center for Youth “Kvart” (Prijedor)
  15. Student’s Associations of Faculty of Law, University of Tuzla
  16. OKC Abrašević
  17. Association PEKS (Živinice)
  18. Vesta (Tuzla)
  19. INFOHOUSE (Sarajevo)
  20. CRVENA
  21. Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR BH)
  22. Transparency International