Presentation of the policy paper on strengthening the capacity of the Constitutional court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Association for Research and PoliTICAL Studies – Centre for Political Studies, in cooperation with the Slovak and Balkan Public Policy Fund, held a presentation of the policy paper titled  „Strengthening capacity of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. How to improve decision implementation and enforcement?“ on Thursday, 10th April.

This Policy paper has a focus on the effectiveness of enforcement and implementation of decisions of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina which has a role of protector of the constitutional order and the rights and fundamental freedoms guaranteed in Constitution. Decisions of the Constitutional Court are binding for all citizens, but unfortunately there is an increasing number of unexecutedor late implementation of its decisions. This study identifies and analyzes the reasons for non-compliance and offers recommendations for improving the implementation of the decisions of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The study was presented to the relevant international (NATO, OSCE, PILPG) and domestic (BiH Ombudsmen, CULT) organizations by the authors and memebers of our Centre Damir Banović, Sanela Muharemović and Dženana Kapo.

Publication is printed bilingually, in English and B/ H/  language, and it is also available for download on our website:

English version:

B/H/S version:

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