Political Academy Green Cities – Sarajevo, 23th – 25th October 2013

Political Academy Green Cities

Sarajevo, 23-25 ​​. October 2013


Political Academy ” Green Cites ” was opened on October 23rd in Sarajevo and it was organized by the Centre for Political Studies and the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

The main objective of the political academy was to educate young politicians and activists of non-governmental organizations in green policy. The focus of the three-day political academy focused on the city as an extremely important phenomenon of the modern world. Other goals included the restoration of confidence in democratic politics as a way of action to solve social and environmental problems and improve the quality of life.

At this year’s academy 22 people from across the country had participated, and in three days six speakers exhibited topics related to ecology and engagement of individuals through political parties and non-governmental organizations.

The Academy is the first project of this type, and will continue to be organized in the coming years.


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