Coalition ‘Equality’: Model of the HDZ is totally unacceptable if includes unequal value of the votes!

Četvorka-500x289Coalition ‘Equality’ sends a message to ‘foursome’ as well as coalition of parties that makes Council of Ministers, that any model of constitutional changes that includes unequal value of the votes for citizens of any part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, absolutely unacceptable.

Having in mind that whole process of negotiation about model of implementation between leaders of the SDP, the SBBBiH, the HDZ BiH and the HDZ 1990 totally non- transparent, with those bleak information presented to the public,  there is provoked concern that these new proposals by the HDZ and HDZ 1990 represent a trial to, throughout so- called implementation of the decision in Sejdic- Finci case, introduce unequal ‘value of the vote’ in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is putting backward this whole process especially in a moment when all agreed deadlines are already very much broken.

If discussed model suggests using cantons as electoral units for electing members of the Presidency of BiH, it cannot be allowed that cantons with different number of voters have the same impact on choosing a members of Presidency as was presented in media reports regarding this process. On this way a value of vote of those voters coming from a canton with bigger population would be decreased, which would further bring more discrimination in constitutional system, instead of decreasing it.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in which for directly elected functions a principle of citizen vote counts for and it has to stay like that. Any decision that would degraded this principle, would represent regression of democracy and like that is completely unacceptable and should not be a subject of either party nor institutional discussions. Citizens of BiH sould not be more or less valued by ethnic, territorial or any other characteristics and all of them have equal right to participate in deciding about any position that is elected on direct elections. In reminder, coalition of organizations of civil society that stood against previous model made by SDP and HDZ, that makes foundation of coalition ‘Equality’, was against such solution just because of the introduction of ‘value of the vote’ based on numerical representation of ethnical groups in cantons in the Federation, one very open and discriminatory principle that would, instead of decreasing discrimination, out of the Constitution de fact made an instrument of the apartheid. As this model was unacceptable, so is any other that would de facto or de jure introduce different value of the votes for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. That is the reason we are reminding all actors in this process that introduction of new discrimination must not be part of any solution for the implementation of Sjedic-Finci verdict, and that we will strongly oppose any such solution and openly invite all citizens to boycott any party that even considers such solutions even for basis for the beginning of the discussion of constitutional reforms. Because of that, we once again emphasize, that all actors in this process must be fully aware of huge consequences that non- implementation or bad implementation might bring for the Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a fact that solution voted in the Parliament must go throughout revision in the Council of Europe that has to prove that it does not bring new way of discrimination and that the solution eliminates new changes of charges against Bosnia and Herzegovina for same or similar reason. If this criteria do not meet, the candidacy of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the European Union will be cancelled, a step that would seriously endanger its European future. It is clear that model that would include different value of the votes would not meet this criteria and it would bring to such consequences, that would put backward Bosnia and Herzegovina in international as well as any other aspect.