Coalition ‘Equality’ expects from Assembly of Canton Sarajevo to adopt amendments on Constitution of the Canton

gps-461x300Coalition of the civil society organizations ‘Equality’ invites all delegates in the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo to unanimously vote for amendment proposals on the Constitution of the Canton Sarajevo made by government of Canton Sarajevo, with an aim of equalizing of the Constitution of Canton Sarajevo with European Convention on Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

This proposal completely equalize rights of three constitutive groups with rights of all those who do not consider themselves as such, in an area of Cantonal Constitution. Because of that, we invite all delegates in cantonal assembly to, with their approval, made Canton Sarajevo brings pioneering and respectable title of leader of anti- discriminatory changes in BiH, that are maybe only way for our country to join a group of truly democratic societies.

If Assembly of Canton Sarajevo at today’s meeting adopts proposal of cantonal Government, it will be historical moment for whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, that will first time since independence get one Constitution that is not discriminatory and that resembles true democratic values by respecting human rights and equalities of all citizens.

From today’s voting of the delegates in the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo depends will this proposal remain just failed cause of fixing discriminatory system that is present at all levels of government or it will make Canton Sarajevo play its historical role and make a first step in abolition of systematic discrimination that for 18 years bothers our society and political system.

We hope that delegates in Assembly of Canton Sarajevo are aware of the importance of their today’s decision, not only for Canton Sarajevo, but for whole Bosnian and Herzegovinian society as a whole. All those who would eventually be against this solution, would send a message to citizens of BiH that for them and their parties, institutional discrimination remains acceptable model of functioning of our society.

Members of the Coalition against constitutional discrimination ‘Equality’ are: Association of Citizens ‘Why Not’; Citizens Front Others; Youth Movement Revolt; Sharp Zero; Sarajevo Open Center; ACIPS; Initiative of Youth for Human Rights; Centre for Promotion of Citizens Interests; UNSA Ghetto; Foundation for Creative Development; Foundation ‘Ekipa’; European Research Centre; Centre for Political Studies.

Coalition against constitutional discrimination ‘Equality’ was established in December 2012, with an aim of connecting civil society organizations, formal and informal groups, as well as individuals who wants to with connected efforts work on abolition of constitutional discrimination in BiH, that are based on ethnical principle. Currently coalition ‘Equality’ makes 12 civil society organizations that are formed around this joined idea. In BiH exist important and quickly growing population that does not identify itself with current discriminatory system, based on ethnical exclusivity and domination of the constitutive groups and that is against discrimination that is in our country, unfortunately, recognized as one of constitutive principles. Coalition ‘Equality’ was formed, despite everything else, from the need that big number of citizens that belongs to this group gets one voice that will fight for their rights, especially in context of upcoming census in BiH, about whom coalition ‘Equality’ tends to start their first public campaign.

Coalition ‘Equality’ for final goal has abolition all constitutional and legal discriminations in Bosnia and Herzegovina based on ethnical membership, with equalizing rights of all groups that are not one of three constitutive groups with rights of constitutive groups, as well as equalizing rights of members of the constitutive groups on whole territory of BiH.

Requirements of Coalition ‘Equality’ are:

- Change of the constitution at all levels of government in BiH, as well as all those laws that contains elements of discrimination on ethnical basis

- Requested changes must bring basic equality and total equalizing rights of citizens that do not identify  themselves as members of constitutive groups with those of the members of constitutive groups in any way

- Not even one change related to ethnical rights in BiH cannot bring new discriminations or solve existing in a way that is not respectable to principle of complete equality

- All these changes must be implemented in practice on non- discriminatory way