Centre for Political Studies



The Centre for Political Studies is an independent and non-profit think tank organization that promotes active political participation threw research, education and advocacy.




Bosnia and Herzegovina is a society with a dynamic and effective political participation process. Civil society is actively contributing to democratic standards and political institutions are fulfilling the needs of citizens.




The Centre for Political Studies (CPS) is founded in February 2013 based on the strategic decision of the Sarajevo Open Centre (SOC), the mother organization of CPS, to make its human rights work the only priority. CPS is the successor organization of the SOC when it comes to the SOC political education and social science research activities, giving it a specific profile and making out of these activities special working areas of the CPS. Based on the SOC organizational capacities, networks and project experience, CPS will act independently but sharing the same values as the SOC.


Working areas


The Centre for Political Studies deals with:

Research (institutions, structures, processes)

Education (researchers, political parties, civil society organizations, general public) and

Advocacy (cultural policies, educational policies, political system reforms)


Our programmatic topics are


-          Institutions of the political system

-          Education and cultural policies

-          Political parties and elections

-          Federalism and competences

-          European Union integration

-          Active participation of citizens


Target groups


-          Researchers and scientists (research, education, policy development and advocacy actions)

-          Civil society representatives (educative activities, advocacy coalitions, common research activities)

-          Political party members (educative activities and advocacy actions)

-          Public institutions representatives (advocacy actions; educative activities; publications)

-          General public (informative campaigns)