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Amila Ždralović

Amila finished Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo - Department of Philosophy and Sociology. She received her master diploma on the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo. She works as a senior research assistant at the Faculty of Law in Sarajevo, on the subjects of Sociology, Sociology of Rights and Gender and the Law. Areas of interest: gender studies, sociology of law and methodology of social science.
Steering Committee Member

Arijana Aganović

Arijana graduated in Comparative Literature and Librarianship at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo. She is currently preparing thesis on Religious Studies at the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies in Sarajevo. Since 2010, Arijana has been working in the Sarajevo Open Centre on various projects in the field of human rights and political participation. She is a member of IMIC (International multi-religious intercultural center) Sarajevo.
Steering Committee Member

Dina Bajraktarević

Dina Bajraktarević graduated at the Faculty of Law, University of Sarajevo, where she acquired and scientific degree of Master of Jurisprudence. In the year 2012 she acquired scientific degree Doctor of Jurisprudence in the European Law at the same university. She works at the Faculty of Criminology and Security Studies of the University of Sarajevo in the position of the assistant.
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