Goran Marković, Maja Sahadžić, Damir Banović, Saša Gavrić (2012)
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Improving democratic performance of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Recommendations

Recommendations for improving democratic performance of the ParliamentaryAssembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Slaviša Orlović (2012)
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Democratic performances of Parliaments in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

Faculty of Political Science, University in Belgrade, Faculty of Political Science, University of Podgorica and the NGO Sarajevo Open Centre jointly implement a scientific project called Comparative performance analysis of democratic parliaments of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.
Saša Gavrić, Damir Banović (2012)
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Parliamentarism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This collection of papers is devoted to the challenges of the political system in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Arijana Aganović, Saša Gavrić (2012)
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Political participation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The aim of the Academy was to strengthen the capacity of young people who want to be actively engaged in politics and participate in decision making processes.
Saša Gavrić, Damir Banović, Christine Krause (2009)
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Introduction to the political system of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Chosen Issues

Publication is structured so that it contains four separate sections: 1) Fundamentals of the political system, 2) institutional systems, 3) territorial and political organization of B-H and 4) Bosnia and Herzegovina in an international context.
Damir Banović, Saša Gavrić (2011)
Damir Banović (2013)
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(Don’t) be a sheep: On ethnic discrimination in B&H

(Don't) be a sheep: on ethnic discrimination in B&H is a collection of papers published on the web portal of Coalition Equality (, in which the organizations that are part of it are fighting for the abolition ofethnic discrimination of constituent peoples and Others in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Saša Gavrić, Damir Banović, Mariña Barreiro (2013)
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The Political System of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Institutions-Actors_Processes

Saša Gavrić, Damir Banović, Mariña Barreiro (authors)

The Political System of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Institutions-Actors_Processes
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