Strengthening the capacity of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Centre for Political Studies, in period November 2013- March 2014, is working on project „Strengthening the capacity of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Improving decision implementation and enforcement“ funded by Slovak- Balkan Public Policy Fund...
Anes Makul, ACIPS (2013)
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Coordination mechanisms in BiH’s EU integration

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a potential candidate for membership in the European Union. The basis for an EU perspective for countries of the region was set by the Council of the European Union at the 2003 summit in Thessaloniki, provided that candidate states satisfy the criteria set forth for them.
Edita Miftari (2013)
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Economic and social rights of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2012-2013

This paper is following the Economic and social rights chapter of the Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012 Progress Report, it will respond to the women's human rights' issues raised in the respective chapter of the Report on economic and social rights of women including position of women in labor market and their maternity rights, political participation of women and violence against women.

Program of European integration monitoring

Initiative for Monitoring BiH’ s European Integration is a group of nongovernmental organizations active in BiH and interested in the EU accession process. The initiative’s main goal is to effectively monitor the work of the government throughout its mandate and constantly inform the domestic and international public about all of the positive and negative developments in the integration process.
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