Alternative model for the implementation of Sejdic- Finci verdict versus Bosnia and Herzegovina has been presented

Koalicija_jednakost3-450x300At the discussion held on 11th March of 2013 at Facutly of Political Science in Sarajevo, coalition ‘Equality’ presented their model for the implementation of the European Court of Justice, Strasbourg verdict in a case Sejdic- Finci against Bosnia and Herzegovina, under the name ‘Unicameral political system in Bosnia and Herzegovina’.

This model is based on recommendations of Venice Commission and experiences from Swiss political system, and proposes abolition of Presidency and putting full executive power and jurisdiction to the Council of Ministers of BiH. In that case the Council of Ministers would be central executive body, in which are equally represented three constitutive groups and the ‘Others’. Executive government/ power would became more functional, simplistic and pre- conditions for euro-atlantic integrations would be created.

Also, this model proposes abolition of the House of Peoples of Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina and establishment of unicameral parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that would include veto- mechanism of ‘collective vital national interest’.

This veto mechanism would be available for three constitutive groups as well as for the ‘Others’. Future unicameral parliament would have more representatives and active involvement of the ‘Others’. Legal procedure would became more efficient and transparent and pre- conditions would be met in order to make parliament central body in Bosnian political system again.

Coalition ‘Equality’ sent this model to Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, European Parliament and delegation of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina.